Steve Kaplan

Creative Director/Copywriter at Periscope

“Sean not only understands Design, he understands how to communicate. He brings a great sense of design style to projects. He has a great eye for type and layout. And has the ability to really understand what words are trying to communicate. As a writer, I really appreciated that. He challenged me, and made every project better. He's also a great guy who works hard and really cares about what he's doing. Other than that, I really didn't like him.”

Mark Morse

Principal/CEO at Morsekode

“Sean is an excellent creative thinker. What I really like about Sean's work is his approach. He uses unique ways to discover particular solutions to unique brand issues. Then his creative detail kicks in as he refines and polishes his thoughts into great, on-brand creative ideas.”

Marcia Miller

President at StoneArch Creative

“Sean is an outstanding creative designer! He approaches business problems strategically, collaborates well with team members, builds and executes solid creative solutions and presents in an organized and strategic manner. His creative thinking and problem-solving skills are outstanding - he's dependable, committed and would be an asset to any team!”

“I worked with Sean on a large amount of Bandag projects while I was in a project manager role at Periscope. To be honest, and I don't say this about many co-workers, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about Sean. In advertising, it's common to come across creatives who push back hard on deadlines, client asks and march to the beat of their own drum. However, I can say that I loved working with Sean because he was the perfect mix of left brain/right brain in that he had a very strategic approach to his work, but was still a very advanced designer. He was always very respectful, and showed no signs of stress even when we're needed to work towards difficult deadlines. His calm demeanor always kept me calm. Even under difficult deadlines, Sean always double-checked his work and was not one to rush through things just so he could "check the box." I always trusted the work I was getting from Sean because I knew he cared about the quality of his work, and would not shove me something that I'd have to spent time cleaning up. If you have the opportunity to work with Sean, you will not be disappointed. I have nothing but great things to say about his work ethic, creative work and ability to collaborate with a team!”

Lexi Diederich

Category Marketing Lead - Gaming at Best Buy

“Sean was a fantastic instructor while I attended Brainco. He always made himself available to us and provided very insightful feedback. His courses were challenging, but by being so, they were also the most beneficial to us. It was from Sean that I really learned about design as a process, and how to bring ideas/concepts from an insight to a concept to execution.”

Peter Hahn

Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy